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We are experts at providing fresh drinking water for outdoor and indoor events. Our mobile water trailer easily connects to any tap and instantly filters the water for safe drinking.

We can also supply water coolers, bottled water and other custom solutions to uniquely suit your event.

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Mobile Water Trailer
Mobile Water Trailer Features

Bubblers and Taps

Guests drink directly from four bubblers or fill their own bottles from the taps. Excess water drips down the trays into collection tanks to avoid a wet and muddy area.

Large Awnings

Two large awnings on either side of the trailer provide protection for guests from sun, wind or rain.

Connects to Tap

Easily connects via a hose to any tap and filters the water so that it is safe for drinking directly from the trailer's bubblers and taps.

Transports via Tow Bar

The trailer is fully portable and delivered to your event attached via a tow bar to a Tranquil Water van.

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Water Coolers

Our water coolers are available with Cool (room temperature) & Cold or Hot & Cold taps and in a range of colours to suit your event aesthetic. Coolers are an environmentally friendly choice as there is no individual plastic bottle wastage.

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Bottled Water

Our water coolers use 15L water bottles which are a tiny $9.50. If your guests require portable water then you'll love the convenience of our 600ml and 1.5L bottles. All prices are negotiable so call us to negotiate the best price!

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Water Filters

Our seven stage bottle filtration in-built system allows you to enjoy pure filtered water with the convenience of a bottled water cooler. Simply place the bottle on top of the cooler and fill with tap water. Perfect if you have limited space.

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